Lake Management Master Plan Details

How Did It Happen?

In late 2006, the Board of Directors of the Schroon Lake Association agreed to set aside $1,000 to begin the development of a Lake Management Master Plan (LaMP) for the greater Schroon Lake watershed. A committee of SLA Board members (Roger Friedman, Howard Warren, who was replaced by Paul Conolly when he moved from the area, Mark Whitney, and Helen Wildman) was established. In December, 2006, they met with the Supervisors of Schroon, Horicon and Chester Townships, and our Lake Manager, Steve LaMere of Adirondack Ecologists, to explore the ramifications. It was agreed that the Schroon Lake Association would lead this project aided by the three towns.

In the spring of 2007, Howard Warren wrote a grant application for educational signage and handout materials for the launch ramp areas which in later meetings led to the development of the Launch Ramp Project. To seek support and input from the greater Schroon Lake watershed area, meetings were then broadened to include the East Shore of Schroon Lake Association, the DEC, the Warren and Essex County Soil and Water Districts, the business community, the Schroon Lake Park District, and other interested parties.

The LaMP Committee outlined the area to be included in the LaMP as the Greater Schroon Lake Watershed; which was defined as the Schroon River, Schroon Lake from its beginnings to the Starbuckville Dam, and the river's tributaries and upland drainage. The Schroon Lake Association signed a proposal from Adirondack Ecologists, who were responsible for the compilation and dissemination of all materials to be included in the LaMP. The SLA entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Warren County Soil and Water District (WCSWD) which agreed to conduct the upland portion of the study. A questionnaire was developed to seek input from all stakeholders in the area. The returns were tabulated and summarized to identify areas of concern. Adirondack Ecologists was responsible for the preparation and presentation of all information related to the aquatic and wetland environments of Schroon Lake. WCSWD conducted and wrote the upland portion of the document and was responsible for its final production. 

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