About Us

Who We Are

The Schroon Lake Association is a 501(c)3 not for profit volunteer organization - dedicated to preserving, promoting, and protecting the welfare of Schroon Lake, the Schroon River, and the watershed area.

What We Do

In our continuing effort to help raise awareness regarding the vital issues surrounding the ecology and lifestyle of our lake and its surrounding area, SLA has created this website to help keep you informed. 

Our History

Since 1911 the SLA has been devoted to protecting and preserving our beautiful watershed. In testing our lakes and rivers and eradicating invasive species, we have helped keep the purity of our waters that define the Town of Schroon and neighboring communities. We work with other organizations and state and local government to stop threats from outside our area and protect our precious watershed.


Board of Directors


  • President - Mark Granger
  • Vice President - Glen Repko
  • Vice President - Roger Friedman
  • Treasurer - J. Peter Seagle
  • Recording Secretary - Neil Chippendale
  • Corresponding Secretary - John Fear


  • Susan Palisano
  • Matthew Curren
  • Ginny Kern
  • Peter White
  • Ralph Ocker
  • Charles Harste
  • Martin Korn
  • Merritt Hulst
  • Larry Conley
  • Ger Cox

Officers are elected annually and Directors are elected for a three year term. Elections are held at our General Membership Meeting every August. Members eligible to vote and stand for election shall be members in good standing. A member in good standing is a person whose dues for the current fiscal year have been paid by August 1st.

Who’s Who



PRES. MARK GRANGER 12/31/2020 incumbent, attorney, full time SL resident, part time resident since 1952
VP ROGER FRIEDMAN 12/31/2020 incumbent, Town Board Member, lifelong SL Resident,
VP GLEN REPKO 12/31/2020 incumbent, Planning Board Chair, full time SL Resident
TREASURER PETE SEAGLE 12/31/2020 42 year incumbent, long term SL Resident, engineer, educator
COR SEC.  JOHN FEAR 12/31/2019 incumbent, business owner, full time SL Resident, management consultant
REC SEC.  NEIL CHIPPENDALE 12/31/2019 incumbent, retired educator full time SL resident


MATTHEW CURREN 12/31/2021* GFNB SL Branch Manager, full time SL Resident
SUE PALISANO 12/31/2021* Director, SL Chamber of Commerce, 20 year part time SL resident
GINNY KERN 12/31/2021* full time SL resident, educator, businessperson, youth leader, passionate conservationist
CHARLES HARSTE 12/31/2020*   retired businessman, long term vacation resident
PETER WHITE 12/31/2020* retired court officer, long term Adirondack resident, full time SL resident
RALPH OCKER 12/31/2020* retired book-binder, restorer, rare book expert, full time SL resident
MERRITT HULST 12/31/2020* retired agricultural expert, business owner, lifelong SL resident
LARRY CONLEY12/31/ 2020* retired medical professional, full time SL resident
MARTIN KORN 12/31/2020* retired medical professional, long term vacation resident
GER COX: retired businessperson, full time Schroon Lake resident


Steve LaMere: long term lake manager who has lais the foundation for over 26 years of data regarding our website. Recognized the threat invasives were ands has fought valiantly to stop them  A real Lake Hero.