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The Town of Schroon is looking to hire Lake Stewards to inspect boats at the Town Boat Launch.

They are also hiring people to operate the Schroon Boat Wash on Rt.74 in Severence, NY. You must be at least 18 to work at the Boat Wash.  Contact Chris Stone at Town Hall 518-532-7737.  If you know of anyone who may be interest... read more

Protect Clean Water and Jobs in the Adirondacks

The current aquatic invasive species transport law will expire on June 1, 2021.  Please help protect our lake waters and byways by contacting your legistrators by April 30 at the following link!

Aquatic Invasive Species Transport Law

... read more

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Schroon Lake Association

About the Schroon Lake Association

Founded in 1911, the Schroon Lake Association successfully blocked the flooding of the entire Schroon Lake Valley. Since that time we have worked to protect and support the area. Our volunteers have raised funds to pay for scientific studies of the lake waters, to support community projects and to disseminate educational information. Our work is supported by annual dues and donations and by profits from the Arts and Crafts Fair which our members have put on every summer in the third week of July for the last 50 years.

We spearheaded the effort to develop the Lake Management Master Plan which will guide future efforts to protect the lake. That stewardship is vitally important to the future of all of us who live, work and play in this beautiful area. We support Lake Stewards at Boat Launch Stations, decontaminating stations and professional surveillance on our watershed for invasive species.  We provide and pay for expert water sampling and analysis to keep track of the quality and character of our watershed.  We add this information to an archive of 30 years of lake study.  We work hand in hand with local and state government as well as other NGO's to preserve the quality of Schroon Lake and surroundings.  We hold informational meetings to increase public awareness of the issues facing our watershed and solutions to those issues.

Attend one of our General Meetings this summer or join us in celebrating over 109 years of successful lake stewardship.

Upcoming Events

SLA Board Meeting (by Zoom) - 6:00PM

SLA Board Meeting (by Zoom) - 6:00pm

SLA Arts & Craft Fair - 10:00am
51st Annual Arts & Crafts Fair, Schroon Lake Town Park
SLA Board Meeting - 6:00pm

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