Climate Change Statement To Town of Schroon Board (Feb. 2022)



The Schroon Lake Association Board of Directors appreciates the significant efforts of the Town of Schroon Town Board in combating climate change and global warming, and wishes to express our support of that work, as follows: 

WHEREAS,  the Schroon Lake Association Board of Directors recognizes that climate change and global warming are the leading environmental, economic and social challenges of our time, with the potential to cause irreparable harm to the physical, economic, and social fabric of our community, and the land, water, and biology of the Schroon Lake watershed; and 

WHEREAS, methods for effectively dealing with climate change include strategies for reducing carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, and other greenhouse gas emissions (known as mitigation) and also strategies for preparedness in responding to the changes to the environment that are already inevitable due to increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere (known as adaptation or preparedness); and 

WHEREAS, climate change mitigation and preparedness strategies will include investments in public infrastructure and services, such as developing energy efficiency programs and producing renewable clean energy, as well as preparing for extreme weather events; and 

WHEREAS, the Town of Schroon has made significant progress in becoming engaged and informed on issues of sustainability and climate change, including designation as a Clean Energy Community, with subsequent available funding potential from NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority), 

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Schroon Lake Association Board of Directors recognizes the important work of The Town Board of the Town of Schroon in making The Town of Schroon a leader on sustainability, mitigation, and preparedness; and 


1. The Schroon Lake Association Board of Directors encourages the Town Board of the Town of Schroon to join with and invite other municipalities in advocating for an aggressive greenhouse gas emission reduction strategy, and to promote the use of renewable clean energy at the regional and state levels; and, 

2.  The Schroon Lake Association Board of Directors encourages the Town Board of the Town of Schroon to: 

 a. Lobby for climate policy at the regional and state levels.

 b. Analyze how climate change will impact Town of Schroon residents.

 c. Research the public revenue potential from climate legislation.

 d. Evaluate existing town investments for sustainability criteria, and work to reduce investments in climate-polluting activities.