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Happy Independence Day Weekend

Posted: 7/1/2020

Happy Independence Day Weekend

We have been fortunate here in the North Country with a relatively low number of Covid cases and in order to help us keep it that way, we urge everyone to continue to practice social distancing and wear masks to help prevent the spread of the disease and avoid another potential shutdown, if numbers begin to increase.  As community members and visitors alike, we don’t want to see this happening, so it’s important that we do what is proven to slow the spread of the pandemic.

With the increased number of welcomed visitors in the area, this is a reminder that the Boat Wash station on Route 74 is operating daily and stewards are located at the town boat launch.  Water sampling and bottom-mapping of the lake are underway, as we continue to work hard to maintain the quality of the lake.  This will also serve as a reminder to those who have not renewed their membership to do so here:  Membership Renewal

Many of you may notice flags on the water.  Divers are beginning their annual harvesting.  We urge boaters to give them a wide berth as they continue to harvest the invasive Eurasian Water Milfoil plants.  This aggressive invasive can quickly overtake the lake, if we don’t keep a focused watch on this.  It is easily spread with boaters propellers so this work has to continue despite the lack of resources.  Even cancelling harvesting for one year could have devastating effects on the growth of the weed in the lake.  

Due to the cancellation of many of the activities over the summer, including our Arts and Crafts Fair, which is a major fundraising event for the Association, we are still in need of your donations to continue to fund these expensive activities.  Our annual Hornbeck boat raffle is being extended until September 2021.  However, tickets are being sold and remember there is a limit of 400 tickets being sold so your chances are fairly good!  You may purchase your tickets from our Board members, contact or purchase with your membership renewal.

We wish everyone a Happy July 4th holiday!

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