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The calendar says it's Fall but it seems a little hard to believe. In part because things have been so busy and partly because the weather has been unbelievable.

Looking back we had an incredible last three months.  After a wonderful Annual Meeting reviewing the past year’s challenges and accomplishments we finally installed and operated a second Boat Decontamination Station. This $25,000 facility was donated to Schroon by the SLA, PLA and ESSLA. It was set up on land donated and owned by Analise Rigan and Merritt Hulst in Severance mid-way between the Schroon Boat Launch and the launch on Paradox Lake. The station operated for 8 weeks at the end of the season, cleaning an average of 12 boats a week. Many thanks to those who helped set up and shut down the station and those whose generosity made its purchase possible. We plan to secure a permanent permit from the APA over the winter and open up again in May 20 through October 13, 2018.

As summer progressed, SLA continued its efforts to protect our watershed by harvesting milfoil, sampling water for quality, invasives surveillance and removing invasive plants. We also continued educational efforts on combating invasive plants and animal in our lakes, streams and forests.

We sponsored a session of the New York State Boating Safety Course and worked with public officials on completing the storm water run-off prevention project in Schroon Village and Adirondack.

The Directors of the three lake organizations held a brunch to cement and celebrate our joint efforts to protect our watershed. We thanked our invited guests - public officials from Warren and Essex Counties, Chester, Schroon and Horicon.  We believe that all are committed to the concept of one watershed, without regard to town or county boundaries.

Over the coming months you will hear and see a lot more about working together to tackle tough jobs. This will include:

    • Grant Efforts - to fund lake stewards and boat decon stations in Horicon, Schroon, Severance and Paradox
    • Schroon Lake Masterplan Revisions - to include surface water runoff, pollution, water level issues, sediment, salt and phosphates and revised to include streams, rivers and Paradox Lake
    • Invasives Education - for the general public and especially fishermen to the risk of invasives to the overall health our our waterways
    • Celebration Events - to highlight and protect the pristine beauty of our watershed
    • Community Growth - by helping our communities grow and improve in an environmentally responsible way

 Of course our usual programs - the Craft Fair, the Hobie Regatta, and other fun things will continue in 2018. To keep up to date on all of these events, check out our website (  and Face Book page.

Speaking of fun, on Saturday, November 4th from 2 to 5 pm  at Sticks & Stones, SLA will host a Welcome Fall Party featuring a cash bar and free snacks. We hope to see you all there.

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful season and thank you for your continued support!

Mark S. Granger, President



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