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Happy New Year!

Posted: 1/17/2020

Happy New Year!

It has been said that “hindsight is 2020” and, as we look forward to the start of a new decade, I would encourage you to think back on the memories made on the lake we love. We all love the purity of our waters, the beauty of our mountains, beaches and streams, the sound of loons calling and our crimson sunsets across clear blue skies. Our natural beauty has a cost and, with your continued financial assistance, the SLA is prepared to meet those costs.

Your support through membership and donations in 2019 were responsible for such activities as

  • Hundreds of volunteer hours by your SLA Board of Directors
  • 1117 lbs of invasive plants being removed from the watershed
  • Decontamination station that cleaned or inspected 278 vessels
  • More than half of the lake bottom has been mapped for plant life and sediment
  • Boat Launch Steward spent 976 hours inspecting 2,365 vesselsentering and exiting the watershed and educating 5,114 visitors

Last year the Schroon Lake Association spent over $50,000 protecting and improving the quality of our Schroon-Paradox Watershed. We operated boat decon stations and launches to prevent the spread of invasives. We tested the waters for bacteria, pollutants, salt and acid. We scoured the late bottom for silt and invasives. Along with our sister organization PLA and ESSLA, we gave hours of educational programs on protecting our Watershed and we have even bigger plans for 2020.

Be sure and check your emails in the next week or so as you’ll be receiving a reminder on yearly dues and donations.  Your continued financial support will allow us to keep the lake we love a part of the memories our families make this year and for years to come. You can easily renew your membership on our website:

Many thanks for your continuing support in 2020.


Mark S. Granger, President SLA

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