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Posted: 8/29/2017


In an unprecedented community watershed effort, the Schroon Lake Association, The Paradox Lake Association and the East Shore Schroon Lake Association have joined together to purchase a boat decontamination station (BDS) for use by the Town of Schroon. The organizations raised over $25,000 for the town to purchase the BDS. It is being installed on Thursday August 31, 2017 on Rt. 74 in Severance.  It will service Schroon Lake, Paradox Lake, the Schroon River and the entire Schroon Paradox Watershed of over 250 square miles. It joins another BDS located at the southern end of Schroon Lake at the Horicon Boat Launch. The SLA and PLA have also pledged to support its operation in the future with funds for the Town.

The BDS produces 140 degree water at high pressure to remove invasive plants and animals on boats and trailers. Schroon and Paradox have been successfully reducing milfoil and other invasive plants. So far they have avoided the huge problem of Asian Clams, Zebra Mussels, Spiny Water Fleas and hydrilla which plague Lake George and Lake Champlain. The BDS can stop these invasives and kill them and remove them from boats.

“The BDS is state of the art” said SLA President Mark Granger. “It will assure that boats coming from contaminated lakes will not ruin our watershed.” It is fully recycling so there is no risk of invasive spread. He also pointed to the generosity of Merritt Hulst and Analise Rigan who have rented the land for the station to the Town of Schroon for $1.00 a year.

“We could not do this without the generosity of the three lake associations and Merritt and Analise.” said Schroon Town Supervisor Mike Marnell. Town Board Member and SLA VP Roger Friedman pointed out that the gift not only saves the taxpayers the initial cost but by preventing introduction of new invasives will save the Town thousands in the future.
“ESSLA is happy and proud to join in this critical project” said its President Stephen Ehlers. Marcia Hartnett, PLA President, joined in praising the action as presenting a “real whole watershed defense critical to our waters.”

Granger pointed out that this private public partnership works to everyone’s benefit for years to come. It took the work of many volunteers to work its way through the state permitting process including the APA. “It was different so that made it harder. Working with NYSDOT, APA, APIP and the Adirondack Water Institute, took time and a lot of volunteer hours, but the result was worth it.  Unfortunately that process did delay the opening, for this year, to this week. “After the fall, we will be ready to roll in May next year” said Granger.

The BCS is located just east of the bridge over the Schroon Rive bon NY 74 in Severance. It is very close to Rt. 9 and Northway Exit 28 as well as the Paradox Lake and Town of Schroon Boat Launches. There are signs on Rt. 9 and Rt. 74. There is no charge for a boat cleaning and green stickers are available as proof that a boat is “clean drained and dry.” Hours of operation will be posted but should include weekends in September and early October.

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