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Laketrout Telegram from our President

Posted: 11/24/2020

Laketrout Telegram from our President

November gives us the opportunity to look back on the things the SLA accomplished this year and at the same time give thanks to those who made them possible.

2020 was a remarkable year full of turmoil, courage, sadness, adversity, pandemic and the death of over 250,000 Americans from Covid-19. Our small community was incredibly challenged by all this- but it survived. The SLA had a 50% decline in contributions and many of its educational and fundraising programs were cancelled by Covid-19 restrictions.

Yet the critical protective work of the Boat Launch and Boat Decontamination Stewards continued for a record number of days and hours. Many boats carrying invasives were stopped and cleaned preserving the future of our watershed.

Working jointly with East Shore Schroon Lake Association (ESSLA) and the Paradox Lake Association (PLA) our CSLAP program testing for contaminants was fully completed, and we also tested the waters for e coli all on a volunteer basis.

ESSLA has joined with SLA to complete the mapping of the bottom of the lake and PLA will start surveying the Paradox bottom in spring 2021. This research provides valuable information on the condition of the lake with respect to invasives, lake level and sedimentation. It will form the background of studies on long term climate change in our watershed and to aid in its preservation. It will also help support a fisheries study which the NY DEC has committed to perform by 2024.

We performed two ZOOM educational programs which were viewed by over 250 people each and helped support and boost attendance at six other programs. The foundation has been laid for full-fledged partnerships with ESSLA, PLA, ALA and APIPP for years to come.

Our website has become more robust and regularly updated with hours of programing to absorb. During the summer months it was updated nearly daily and even in the winter we have aimed for weekly updates.

Our Board Members and Leaders have attended meetings and are working cooperatively with PLA, ESSLA, ALA, APIPP and CSLAP. SLA played a major role in the development of an Amended Lake Management Plan which is already being implemented.

We have worked closely with our elected representatives, the Town Boards of Schroon, Chester and Horicon, and both the Essex and Warren County Soil and Water Agencies. Good, long term, links have been established between SLA and new Senator Dan Stec and with new Assemblyman Matt Simpson.

All this would not have been possible without the generous support in money and time from you, our members, and our wonderful Board. You have made us both grateful and proud.

So please enjoy this holiday with our thanks and appreciation. Happy Thanksgiving to us all!


Mark S. Granger, President SLA

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