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Posted: 6/23/2019

Well folks it is the third week of June and the season officially changes in a few days. Hard to believe given the coldest, wettest, cloudiest Spring most of us can remember.  BUT THE SLA IS UNDERWAY!

Big Headline: CONGRATS TO THE WISSER SISTERS ON AGAIN STOPING ZEBRA MUSSELS FROM GETTING IN OUR WATERSHED!!  Last year Abby Wisser caught a boatload of Zebra Mussels at the Town Boat Launch in June. This year almost a year to the day later, her sister Molly stopped them at Severance Boat Decon Station. Well done Abby and Molly! We are so thankful and proud.

In the meantime all the Boat Decons- Horicon and Severance and Boat Launch stations- Horicon, Schroon Town Dock and Paradox are open on the weekend and go full time 12 hours a day 7 days a week shortly. We are placing ads regarding them in the newspapers and on the Schroon Lake Guide.

Neil Chippendale and crew are about to launch our bottom mapping project which will give us a much greater understanding of the location of invasives. On Wednesday SLA will receive a check for $5,000 from Cloud Splitter Foundation to help pay for part of that effort.

Glen Repko and crew, along with a crew from ESSLA will shortly begin sampling for water quality in our Watershed. This is part of a 26 year CSLAP program to monitor the condition of our Lake.

Our professional diving duo Bombard and Rowell start their underwater surveillance for invasives this weekend.  Please stay clear of them as they search the bottom for milfoil and assist our bottom marking folks.

The SLA and ESSLA have jointly hired Lake Manager Steve LaMere to examine and test the tributaries running into Schroon Lake, and zooplankton and phytoplankton conditions so as to better understand the life in the lake and protect our wonderful fishery. Steve is also checking bacteria levels in various parts of the lake for both entities.  This is a historic partnering of efforts by SLA, ESSLA and PLA.

Mark your calendars for “FISHING IN SCHROON LAKE WATERSHED- IS IT IN TROUBLE?” This program sponsored by SLA, PLA and ESSLA takes place on FRIDAY JULY 12 at 7PM at the Schroon Lake Central School Auditorium. Our panel features Jim Pinheiro, DEC Fisheries Expert, Alice Halloran Essex County Soil and Water, Tom Luciano Chair of the Schroon Lake Park District and Dr. Margaret Murphy fish biology expert. Expect interesting discussions and information on everything from fish stocking, to the health of our fishery through to water levels and erosion.

Our biggest event of the season is our SLA 5OTH ANNUAL CRAFT FAIR- Saturday July 20th from 10 am to 4 pm at the Town Park above the Beach. We expect over 100 vendors plus food fun and education. Be there and tell your friends and family.  Many other events are planned for August. More on that next time.

On a serious note- please join us or renew your membership. We need your support to help cover the nearly $42,000.00 we will spend on the watershed this year. Join today on our website  See us and like us also on Facebook.  Our website lists all our events.

Finally don’t forget to buy a raffle ticket to win a beautiful and light Hornbeck Canoe. A $20 ticket buys you a 1 in 400 chance to win an $1800 canoe.  Buy them at the Glens Falls National Bank or at various events.

Happy Early Summer!


Mark S. Granger, President  518-532-7459

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