What is a Lake Management Master Plan?

A Lake Management Master Plan (LaMP) is a working document that serves as a guide to the collaborative ecosystem management of a body of water. The plan identifies the goals and concerns of lake users, shorefront owners, government, and businesses, and outlines those strategies that offer the best opportunity to achieve the stated goals and address the shared concerns. The overall objective of the LaMP is to offer partnership activites and opportunities for action that, when successfully completed, should result in the optimal use and enjoyment of the lake as a natural, recreational, and economic resource. The process of creating a LaMP is a consensus-building effort aimed at involving all interested members of the watershed in order to develop the best possible document.

By identifying and defining the existing or potential threats to the environmental, recreational, aesthetic, or economic quality of the lake in a scientific manner; the LaMP makes it possible to prioritize efforts to identify, mitigate or eliminate problems. In addition, by defining and prioritizing these problems or threats, the LaMP also becomes a fundamental tool for soliciting grant money to aid in their solution. Thus, The Lake Management Master Plan becomes an important tool for lake advocacy, and a vital step towards preserving our lake.

Steering Committee Formed

A Steering Committee has been formed to pursue opportunities for grant funding and coordinate stewardship work within the watershed. The Committee is formed of two members of the Schroon Lake Association, two members of the East Shore Association, two members from each of the three towns, Schroon Lake, Horicon and Chester, and the Warren and Essex County Soil and Water Districts. This Committee will meet quarterly and their meetings are open to the public. See the Events Calendar for dates, times, and places of these meetings if you are interested in attending. 

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