Help Us To Keep Schroon Lake Beautiful!

The Schroon Lake Association is engaged in a number of projects to continue our mission of protecting the Schroon Lake Watershed. We hire a certified lake manager as a consultant, contract for scientific studies and surveys of the lake, underwrite the fees involved in CSLAP, annual biological tests of the water, and, in conjunction with the lake's three towns - Schroon Lake, Chester, and Horicon, we developed a Lake Management Master Plan (LaMP).

We fund our efforts through membership, individual donations and fund raising projects. Our largest fund raising project is the Schroon Lake Association annual Arts and Crafts Fair and the accompanying Silent Auction the third Saturday in July. We also conduct an  Hornbeck Canoe Raffle. For $20.00 you can buy a 1 in 400 chance to get a $1795 Hornbeck Canoe. Light as a feather yet strong and sturdy, these wonderful boats are perfect for the Adirondacks! Purchase tickets and see the Hornbeck at Glens Falls National Bank in Schroon Lake or at our events all Summer.  The drawing is at the finish of the Adirondack Marathon Distance Festival on Sunday September 27, 2020.

For more information, see our pages on Lake Studies, CSLAP, Lake Management Master Plan, and Lake Management. These projects are costly and more money is always needed.

New members and donations are always accepted, and may be made as a tax deductible contribution. Please use the downloadable form on our Membership page for this purpose.

We have a Fund Raising Committee which plans events and raffles that will also generate funds. We could use help and we’re especially looking for people with fund raising experience. If you would like to help us, please contact us at